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PABC is always looking for parents with any willingness to lend a hand. A little bit of time goes a long way. As kids graduate we lose great parents who have given their time and talents to this program. This leaves openings in some of our larger fund raising efforts all the way down to helping hands. Below is a list of just a few areas where we need help. Keep in mind if you have a special talent or experience other than whats listed we would be happy to hear from you as well. Contact the VP of your current season for more information.


  • Grossmont Center Holiday Wrapping Coordinator: Attend approximately 4 meetings October - January. Coordinate wrapping dates and inform board.
  • Back to School Night Food Booth Coordinator: In June contact school and request booth for September booth. Coordinate food pick up, volunteers and food sales night of.
  • Dine Out Coordinator: Contact restaurants and plan dates and times of fund raising done outs
  • Football Game Sales: Volunteer to help sell snacks during Henry home games.
  • Members at large: Helpful members who help take on volunteer work, fund raising and coordination with the board.
  • Vice Presidents of Specific Seasons: We are always looking for the next motivated parents to take over as current VPs move on with their kids. For example, if your child plans to swim for next four years you are a perfect candidate. VPs liaison with coaches, parents and the rest of the board. They assist in fund raising and volunteer coordination. VPs update schedules and manage uniform ordering. You can Co-VP if you want to spread out the duties!
  • President of PABC: I saved the best for last! Our current president is moving on after after many years with PABC. "Aquatics" is a yearlong season unlike other high school sports. President is liaison with the School Administration. Runs monthly board meeting to coordinate with board members and members at large as well as parents. The best candidate is one who can spend the next few years in this position. 
  • PABC supporters: if time is an issue there are plenty of events through the year where we just need a helping hand for a day or two. Please stay connected via this website or Facebook to learn about those opportunities as the arise.
For more information contact the VP of your current season or any board member.


PABC Mission

The mission of the Premier Aquatics Booster Club (PABC) is to support the development of outstanding student-athletes and to help prepare them for future challenges in their lives.  To this end we develop and encourage sportsmanship, team work, and above all else a strong sense of self confidence through Swimming and Water Polo.

PABC Board 2016-17 





Bill Holt



Cathy Monroe


Chris and Pam Walsh

Member at Large

Stacey Robe

Member at Large

 Vince Outlaw (outgoing)

Gina Murphy (incoming)


Deb Holt (outgoing)

Wende Cacciapaglia (incoming)

VP - Boys Water Polo

Karen Schaeffer

VP - Girls Water Polo 

Jeanette Temple

Cathy Monroe 

VP Swim


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